From:  `@protocol TTBatchRouteVisistor <NSObject>  @optional  /**  Called when batch returns TTRouteResult   @param response TTRouteResult  */ - (void)visitRoute:(TTRouteResult* _Nonnull)response;  /**  Called when batch returns TTReachableRangeResponse    @param response TTReachableRangeResponse  */ - (void)visitReachableRange:(TTReachableRangeResponse* _Nonnull)response;  @end`
To:  `@protocol TTBatchRouteVisistor <NSObject>`
From:  `class TTReachableRange : NSObject`
To:  `class TTReachableRange`
From:  `@protocol TTMatrixRouteResponseDelegate <NSObject>  @optional /**  Matrix request completed with success delegate method.   @param matrix TTMatrixRoute  @param response TTMatrixRouteResponse  */ - (void)matrix:(TTMatrixRoute* _Nonnull)matrix completedWithResponse:(TTMatrixRouteResponse* _Nonnull)response;  /**  Matrix request completed with error delegate method.   @param matrix TTMatrixRoute  @param responseError TTResponseError  */ - (void)matrix:(TTMatrixRoute* _Nonnull)matrix completedWithResponseError:(TTResponseError * _Nonnull)responseError;  @end`
To:  `@protocol TTMatrixRouteResponseDelegate <NSObject>`
From:  `@property (nonatomic, weak) id<TTRouteResponseDelegate> _Nullable delegate`
To:  `@property (nonatomic, weak, readwrite)     id<TTRouteResponseDelegate> _Nullable delegate;`
From:  `class TTRoute : NSObject`
To:  `class TTRoute`
From:  `@protocol TTReachableRangeDelegate <NSObject>  /**  The Calculate Reachable Range service calculates a set of locations that can be reached from the origin point. It optimizes for routes with a given route-type (e.g. fastest, eco, etc) but limits the range for the given budget and consumption parameters.    The information returned is a polygon boundary in counterclockwise orientation and the precise polygon center (the result of map-matching the origin point).    @param range Object type TTReachableRange.  @param response Object type TTReachableRangeResponse.  */ - (void)reachableRange:(TTReachableRange * _Nonnull)range completedWithResult:(TTReachableRangeResponse * _Nonnull)response;  /**  Method responsible to handle reachable range errors. Within this callback user will obtain TTResponseError containing a Throwable fail reason    @param range Object type TTReachableRange.  @param responseError Object type TTResponseError.  */ - (void)reachableRange:(TTReachableRange * _Nonnull)range completedWithResponseError:(TTResponseError * _Nonnull)responseError;      @end`
To:  `@protocol TTReachableRangeDelegate <NSObject>`
From:  `class TTBatchRoute : NSObject`
To:  `class TTBatchRoute`
From:  `- (void)batchRouteWithQuery:(TTBatchRouteQuery* _Nonnull)query completionHandler:(void (^_Nonnull)(TTBatchRouteResponse* _Nullable response, TTResponseError* _Nullable error))completionHandler;`
To:  `- (void)batchRouteWithQuery:(TTBatchRouteQuery *_Nonnull)query completionHandler:(void (^_Nonnull)(TTBatchRouteResponse *_Nullable response, TTResponseError *_Nullable error))completionHandler;`
From:  `@property (nonatomic, weak) id<TTBatchRouteResponseDelegate> _Nullable delegate`
To:  `@property (nonatomic, weak, readwrite)     id<TTBatchRouteResponseDelegate> _Nullable delegate;`
From:  `class TTMatrixRoute : NSObject`
To:  `class TTMatrixRoute`
From:  `var fuelConsumptionInLitersValue: Int { get }`
To:  `var fuelConsumptionInLitersValue: Double { get }`
From:  `@property (nonatomic, assign, unsafe_unretained, readonly)     NSInteger fuelConsumptionInLitersValue;`
To:  `@property (nonatomic, assign, unsafe_unretained, readonly)     double fuelConsumptionInLitersValue;`
From:  `var batteryConsumptionInkWhValue: Int { get }`
To:  `var batteryConsumptionInkWhValue: Double { get }`
From:  `@property (nonatomic, assign, unsafe_unretained, readonly)     NSInteger batteryConsumptionInkWhValue;`
To:  `@property (nonatomic, assign, unsafe_unretained, readonly)     double batteryConsumptionInkWhValue;`